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Are you struggling to stay focused, to get ahead, to reach that next level, or to better influence your team or customers?

Do you need more advanced tools and strategies for becoming more productive, influential, and successful?

I can help. I am ready to guide you through my high performance Executive Coaching Process. This means I’ll work one-on-one with you to break through your barriers and help you reach your highest potential and performance in all you do.

Executive Coaching is probably one of the most—if not the most—individually tailored practices in talent development as it involves a close and confidential relationship between the coach and the coachee.  

Executive Coaching provides a safe, structured, and trustworthy environment in which to offer support and challenge. Coaching helps leaders understand their current competencies, see how they’re perceived by others, and focus on identifying and clarifying current goals as well as the appropriate action steps to reach those goals.

Psychometric Assessments

Psychometric Assessments provide a Gap Analysis between vision and individual current performance. I offer a well-researched package of psychometrics to benchmark individual and team performance and styles.

Psychometric Assessments

Learn more about all the available psychometric assessments I offer. Packages are customizable depending on your needs. All options include a feedback sessions with Certified High Performance Coach - Lora Caven.

Thomas International

The Thomas International profile assesses individual work strengths. Not only does it outline leadership and management styles but also reveals behaviour under pressure. It is an excellent instrument to use prior to Team or Individual Coaching.  

It benchmarks strengths and outlines areas to be developed.  It is a short questionnaire that can be completed speedily but with insightful and outstanding results.

Myers Briggs

The Myers Briggs Type Indicator enables the understanding of different ways of working.  We use a short version to help individual leaders and groups to understand their leadership style. The results free leaders from thinking that there is only one way to lead and as a result reinforces that they can be themselves at work- just more skilled.

RTC 360 Leadership Assessment

The RTC 360 leadership assessment gathers together data from boss, colleagues and team about how an individual leads. This is real, on the ground information which complements and validates the other psychometrics. It can be customized to suit an organization’s leadership priorities. The 360 feedback covers the areas of strategy, development, motivation of self and others, innovation, team work and communication.

Thomas Emotional Intelligence Questionnaire

The Thomas Emotional Intelligence Questionnaire provides information and guidance to help strengthen important work and life skills. 

It reviews wellbeing, optimism, self-control, stress management, relationship building, empathy and sociability as well as assessing adaptability to change.

The TEIQ provides a useful base for development and training activities for the whole gamut of skills around emotional intelligence.

Book an Executive Jumpstart Call

Ready to get started with Executive Coaching and Psychometric Assessments? Book a call with Lora below to get started and customize the right package for you.

"In my 2-hour session, here is what I learned about Lora - she is willing to be open about herself, which makes you feel empowered to lower your own walls. Women executives often hear conflicting comments throughout their career - Lora deals with that baggage quickly - she doesn't ignore it!! She focuses on progress and propels you to move forward. She takes you 10 steps forward in each conversation in a relaxed way. She is just as focused on your objectives as you are. A true partner without beating you on the head with it. "

Radhika Narain

"Great coach to help with preparation for board roles. Lora will challenge you, dig deeper into what contribution you can give, what values you are looking for, what your personal branding is. All done in an ever so slightly pleasant Scottish accent, but she will ensure you conclude with a strong detail plan!"

Bernhard Brouwer
Board Director, USA

"My time with Lora flew by - getting me to think critically about the next steps in my journey and how to focus and be successful. It was fun and serious all at once. I'm excited to enter this next chapter and feel more confident that I will be successful. Plus, I have lots of homework to get me to the place that I want to be."

Angela Uttaro
Finance Professional, USA

"I am 26-year U.S. military officer veteran who is transitioning to the private sector. My coach Lora was assigned to help me prepare for the Board Member position. Lora is very equipped and real in helping clients reach their full potential. Her personality helped me to quickly connect and build trust that resulted in the best coaching experience. She has the right insights and methods to raise self awareness and et you thinking of objective actions to take to position yourself for best results. "

Jose Sorto
Military Veteran, USA

"I really enjoyed Lora’s coaching tips bringing different perspectives and next levels that I am trying to achieve in my career goals. Thank you so much Lora for the coaching."

Wantanee Phuapradit
PhD, Scientific Advisor, USA

"My recent coaching session with Lora was an absolutely tremendous experience. Coaches do not tell you what to do, they help you become the best you can be. Lora took that to heart and asked the right questions and provided the right tools to help me determine my next course of action. Start your journey to becoming your best with Lora's coaching services today, you will not regret it!"

David Cozzens
VP Transformation, USA

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