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Activating the 10 Human Drives That Make You Feel Alive

About Charge Sessions

High Performance Coaching is a process designed to explore The 10 Human Drives. 

To measurably improve the quality of your life is to learn how to activate and master these 10 human drives that make you most human. These drives are your desires for more control, competence, congruence, caring, connection, change, challenge, creative expression, contribution, and consciousness.

These drives shape everything you think, feel, and do in life, so understanding and mastering them is critical to your success and happiness. Strategically activating these drives on a consistent basis is the fastest path to living a fully charged life. 

Twice Monthly Sessions

Twice Monthly Sessions

We will connect every two weeks for 1 hour via Zoom video conference.

Additional Assignments

You will be given regular assignments to amplify our time together, and keep you making consistent forward progression in all areas of your life.

Extra Support

You will have unlimited email/text access to me between sessions (response within 24 hours), and you will have access to any resource I have in my possession that will help you in any way.

The Charge Sessions Overview

Goal: Over the next 12 sessions you will engage with 12 topics that will help you discover how you engage the 10 human drives and direct you in the most useful areas to apply it.

In these next 12 sessions, we’ll examine what makes you feel the most alive and fulfilled. These sessions will help you master your internal world so that you can better direct your thoughts, feelings and behaviors. You’re going to learn the 10 human drives framework. In high performance work, we often discuss what drives your desire and behavior. So in these sessions, we’ll discuss these areas and see what habits are supporting or hurting your progress and performance.

In this session we’ll introduce the concepts of the 10 Human Drives framework and we will rank them on a scale 1-10 to Identify where you might be feeling caged, comfortable or charged.

In this session we’ll take on the human drive for control. Control is an important topic in high performance, because if you feel out of control, or you control the wrong things, you can end up feeling uncertain, disappointed, or unfulfilled.

In this session, we’ll cover our desire for Competence. Competence is our knowledge, skill and ability in any area of life. It’s an important topic in high performance because if you don’t feel competent at something, you feel less confident in trying it. Yet if you don’t develop your knowledge, skills and abilities in an area, you can’t grow or reach high performance.

In this session, we’ll cover our desire for Congruence. Congruence is the feeling we have when we are living in alignment and integrity with our beliefs and values. It means we are being who we want to be on a consistent basis. When we don’t feel congruent, we feel out of sorts, upset and, at extremes, depressed. But when we feel in integrity with our highest self, we feel a sense of pride and fulfillment with life.

In this session, we’ll cover our desire for Caring. Caring is so important to our ability to feel psychologically safe and accepted. If we are cared for, and we have deep caring for others, we feel happier and healthier. The more we’re cared for, the more engaged and grateful. The more we care, the more we give.

In this session, we’ll cover our desire for Connection. We often talk about connection in high performance: connection with our mission, ourselves, with others, and connection with the moment. Today, we’ll zoom in on the relationship angle.

In this session, we’ll cover our desire for Change. Everything we’ve spoken about in coaching has an element of change to it. Change is how we adapt, grow and actualize our best selves. But as you know, sometimes change is hard. So this is an area we’ll always be working on.

In this session, we’ll cover our desire for Challenge. You already know how important challenge is in high performance coaching. It’s central to everything we do – to always be willing to push ourselves to our highest level of growth and contributions.

In this session, we’ll cover our desire for Creative Expression. Creative expression is all about how you share your unique identity with the world. It’s about sensing and exhibiting the true you. It’s about voicing our ideas and living our authentic mark on the world.

In this session, we’ll cover our desire for Contribution. Contribution is one of the great drives in our life. It makes us look outside of ourselves and find meaning in what we do. It’s the secret to feeling like we’ve made a difference and served a purpose beyond our needs.

In this session, we’ll cover our human drive for Conscious living. Seeking a heightened consciousness or awareness of ourselves, surroundings and spirit is one of the great marks of the human species. We want to be awake and in touch with our own senses and surroundings.

In the last 11 sessions, we’ve conducted a deep dive into the 10 human drives framework. In this session, let’s revisit your assessment and see how you’re progressing and what areas you can be focusing on moving forward.

Deciding whether to hire a coach is a pivotal moment and can be a scary decision to make. It’s an investment, financially and also a time commitment for both you and your coach.

But with connection and commitment you can achieve resounding effects in all areas of your life.

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