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Hello, and thank you for being here!

I’m Lora Caven,

 a multi-award winning entrepreneur, with an international career in business and over two decades of dedicated personal growth and development…

I have helped and inspired hundreds of people around the world through training and speaking to live their most expansive and meaningful lives.

I believe with all of my heart that everyone has the power to change their life, find their purpose, and contribute to a better world. 

I have an unwavering passion for what’s possible and a dedication each and every coaching session to helping my clients with the mindset strategies needed to create the meaningful and happy lives they are worthy of.

I am also a powerful keynote speaker and trainer who empowers and inspires high performance. From big corporations to smaller start-ups, I will motivate and inspire on and off the stage.

Whether you’re starting a new venture, growing your career or  business, looking to make a significant change in your personal life, or ready to take yourself to the next level,  I want you to discover the feeling of full engagement, joy and confidence that comes from consistently living into your full potential.


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