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Advanced Motivation

About Declaration Sessions

Too often we live randomly and accept mediocrity, keeping ourselves down. Without setting clear intentions and standards, we may miss the chance to achieve personal freedom. These sessions address the quest for personal freedom as our main motivation in life. Freedom to express our true selves and pursue our dreams without restriction, living our life as fully as possible.

The first part of the sessions are focused on human nature, where we explore freedom, fear, and motivation. The second part reveals 9 strategies for reclaiming your personal power, achieving your goals, and creating a life of freedom and greatness.

“Without a vibrant awareness, we cannot connect with others or ourselves, nor can we meet the demands of the hour with grace.”  ~ Brendon Burchard

What's Included

Twice Monthly Sessions

We will connect every two weeks for 1 hour via Zoom video conference.

Additional Assignments

You will be given regular assignments to amplify our time together, and keep you making consistent forward progression in all areas of your life.

Extra Support

You will have unlimited email/text access to me between sessions (response within 24 hours), and you will have access to any resource I have in my possession that will help you in any way.

The Declaration Sessions Overview

Over the next 12 sessions, you will engage with 12 topics that will help you discover how to discover how to reclaim our lives and find our own personal freedom.

Our goal this session is to identify what would make you feel even more free and happy in the present moment, and to begin shaping an even more ideal future vision for you. It’s about feeling and achieving a sense of freedom.

Our goal this session is to continue our conversations about what the ideal future would be like for you, but to specifically address any fears you might have about pursuing your goals as boldly as you are capable of.

Our goal this session is to identify what would make you feel even more motivated. We’ll talk about your ambitions and the habits you have for sustaining motivation over the long haul. I know we’ve discussed these themes before, but I feel it would serve you to get even more bold and tactical in this area, especially as you have big goals coming up.

Our goal this session is to check in on your presence – your mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual awareness - and to see how engaged and empowered you feel in the major roles of life.

Our goal this session is to identify what you want your life agenda to really be about, and to discover where you might be able to live even more purposefully. Because staying true to yourself and your own path or mission is a mark of greatness and Personal Freedom.

Our goal this session is to identify what is called “Defiance,” that internal resistance we feel that sabotages our ability to grow or connect. Defiance is sort of like our internal demons of doubt, the things preventing us from doing what we know we should do.

Our goal this session is to discuss ways that you might be able to advance more boldly or consistently toward your dreams. We’ll also talk about how you can finish the important projects you’re working on more quickly and without hesitation.

Our goal this session is to really think about how we can bring even more positive emotion and experiences into your life.

Our goal this session is to discuss the topic of integrity. It’s about checking-in to see if you are being congruent and where you feel you are compromising or rising up. Integrity is about having intention and commitment for who we wish to be, how we want to treat others, what we wish to give—it’s about living our truth and being our most truthful and consistent selves.

Our goal this session is to help you connect to your heart and deepen your most important relationships. We’re going to talk about love today – how you express your heart and how you show up for those you love most.

Our goal this session is to identify what greatness means to you, and how you could inspire others to live a life of greatness as well.

Our goal this session is to see where you can become even more mindful and appreciative of the simple moments of life. It’s to help you find more of that joy and Personal Freedom that makes all the work so worth it.

Deciding whether to hire a coach is a pivotal moment and can be a scary decision to make. It’s an investment, financially and also a time commitment for both you and your coach.

But with connection and commitment you can achieve resounding effects in all areas of your life.

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