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As your coach I commit to:

  • Bringing the full extent of my professional training and expertise
  • Being fully present and engaged to your self-exploration
  • Asking you questions you do not already know the answer to
  • Seeing the best in you when you do not see it yourself
  • Holding safe and judgement free space for you to get honest, explore and dream
  • Challenge you so that you take actions that are bigger than you would have taken on your own
  • Hold you accountable to your commitments
  • Hold your focus and intentions and meet you wherever you are at
  • Respect your privacy by keeping all information shared strictly confidential to the extent permitted by law  

When you commit to creating a coaching relationship you commit to:

  • Fully participating in creating the life you want for yourself  
  • Being as honest with yourself and the coach as you are able
  • Taking responsibility for bringing coaching topics to the appointments
  • Taking action and requesting changes to the partnership if and when the coaching is not working as desired
  • Bringing 100% of yourself to each session and engaging fully in the coaching relationship for the number of sessions agreed upon in the contract


Deciding whether to hire a coach is a pivotal moment and can be a scary decision to make. It’s an investment, financially and also a time commitment for both you and your coach.

But with connection and commitment you can achieve resounding effects in all areas of your life.

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