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From my client's perspective!

Courtney Michener Miller

Director of Talent and Development, Pharmaceuticals USA

Knowing and working with Lora, will make you a better person, at home, at work, on Earth.

She will unravel parts of your being, and put them back together again, just more efficient, more organized, more impactful, more meaningful.

To know Lora is to love her, I'm certain, and when you work with her, you learn to love yourself, your life, your colleagues and your family, in new ways.

In my experiences with Lora, I have gained a coach, a confidant, a thought partner, a challenger, a bringer of joy, perspective and hope. She's a coach, with super powers, who shows you ways to process superpowers of your own.

Work with Lora and enjoy the self-discovery journey she brings you on to unleash your impact as the best version of yourself in all facets of your life. Lora will leave permanent imprints in your life and challenge you to see new things and be better, both boldly and quietly.

I'm thankful I listened to my heart and sought her expertise and light.

I'm changed forever as a result of her presence in my life, and trust I will carry her as a compass on my journey, always.

Sharon Massey

Online Entrepreneur, UK 

Group coaching has allowed me to open up about the challenges my business has been facing during these difficult times and to understand the opportunities in front of me in order to pivot and transform my business.

Lora has a way of coaching that allows you to dig deep and come to realisations and solutions without going as far as telling you what directions you 'should' be moving in. 

Radhika Narain

CPA, Board Member, Founder & President, USA

In my coaching here is what I learned about Lora - she is willing to be open about herself, which makes you feel empowered to lower your own walls. 

She focuses on progress and propels you to move forward.  

She takes you 10 steps forward in each conversation in a relaxed way.

She is just as focused on your objectives as you are.

A true partner without beating you on the head with it. 

Wyman Winbush

Thought Leader and Speaker, USA

Lora and I had great conversations... the foundation of which was based were questions based upon her research and years of experience. 

Her questions were thought-provoking and set the atmosphere for a focussed introspective self-assessment designed to identify what is next for my career.

Paul Bruce Brand

Estate General Manager / Chief Executive, South Africa

To say that Lora is a phenomenal, life-changing coach is an under-statement.

Lora's business background, entrepreneurial spirit, uncanny ability to see the bigger picture, her intellect combined with empathy, wisdom, humor and an ability to digest the facts and steer one in the right direction are a powerful combination and sets her apart from other coaches. 

If you are looking for positive transformation, being a better version of yourself and learning powerful tools to progress and be happier in all aspects of life, then I can unreservedly recommend Lora's coaching.

I will eternally be grateful to Lora for the powerfully positive, life-altering impact that she has had on my life.

Maria Pritzos

President and CEO, Business Consulting, Canada

Unlike some coaches who use a cookie cutter approach with their clients, Lora takes the time to understand who she is dealing with and creates a very personal program that is flexible yet allows for accountability.

I find her compassionate, energetic and very resourceful. Working with Lora has been the best decision I made in a long time.

I feel transformed, grounded and have more clarity about how I want my life to move forward and how I show up in the world. Thank you Lora.

Jamie Dalgoutte

Community Advocate, Thought Leader and Public Speaker, UK

Since Lora came into my life and began coaching me I have been able to learn new techniques to propel me into my best self and to be able to give my best self to others. Lora has taught me how to be grateful and introduce daily practices that enable self love and kindness.

I'm not just growing personally but also professionally, achieving the things in life I've always wanted to achieve, a healthy mind and a healthy body with a strong commitment to my success.

Anne Harney MBA

Senior Vice President, Human Resources, USA

I am searching for a Board position and through this process I was connected with Lora Caven as a coach.

Our first 2 hour session flew by and I knew she was the coach for me.

Lora has challenged me to think outside "my box' and encouraged me to think more strategically.

Lora is a caring person who wants her clients to exceed.

I would highly recommend Lora as a coach.

Shawn Newman

Wealth Management Professional, Canada

Over the years I have worked with a number of coaches, and Lora by far is the BEST of the BEST!!

I am so grateful that I was connected with this gem!! She is open, honest, caring, and truly authentic. But make no mistake she knows her stuff and she will call you on your excuses!!

My journey has been forever changed as a result of working with Lora - I will never look back and always be grateful to have the opportunity to call Lora my coach!!!

John Seker

CEO, Energy, USA 

Lora is a consummate professional and has a special ability to home in on the things that matter, all with a grace to be admired. 

Lora helped me think about my key relationships and personal goals in a uniquely different way. This shift in perspective was eye-opening, and I am excited about evolving, with her continued guidance, into the best possible version of myself.  

I highly recommend Lora as a coach for those on a journey of positive transformational change.

Lindsay MacCallum

Project Development Manager, Artist and Entrepreneur, UK

The impact that working with Lora has made on my life is immeasurable. I feel like a different person.

Lora encourages you to look beneath the surface of all relationships whether they are professional, personal and even the relationship you have with yourself. In my professional life I am more organised, goal driven, strategic and productive. 

Lora guided me through a tumultuous year and we made the changes that have helped me to achieve my goals. The positive effect on my personal relationships and professional life has been astounding. I cannot imagine life without Lora's guidance now.

Dr Sean Rae

Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery, Bachelor of Obstetrics, Bachelor of Gynecology, and Bachelor of Psychiatry, USA

Lora exceeded my expectations by assisting me to formulate specific obtainable goals for my professional life and mental and physical well-being. 

Lora kept me accountable and sharpened my skills of organization, focus, self-care, and positivity . I am more aware of my character strengths and how to highlight as well as employ such strengths to obtain what I want to achieve in my professional and personal life thanks to Lora. 

 She has unquestionably helped me to perform at a higher level! Thank you Lora. I feel well prepared for whatever 2022 throws at me.


Shonagh MacVicar

General Counsel, Board/C-Suite Advisor, Commercial Consultant, Corporate Mentor & Certified Positive Psychology Coach, Dubai

Coaching with Lora has been a transformative journey of self-discovery.

Through curiosity, challenge and intuition, Lora has encouraged me to better understand what matters most in my work and personal life and to pursue change from a place of confidence and self-awareness.

After 22 years as a career corporate, I did not think there was anything else to learn about myself but Lora's guidance brought about a radical shift in perspective for me and she has shared tools that have lead to a greater sense of fulfilment across all areas of my life.

Lora just 'gets it'. It's hard to articulate (even for a lawyer!) but if you are looking for someone to help you navigate life changes - call Lora. She will be one of the most important connections you make.

Bob Hess

Vice Chairman, Global Corporate Services at Newmark, USA 

There are many times in a career like mine of 30+ years where there needs to be an outside high quality perspective on what is next, where balance can be achieved business vs personal, and even involved discussions about legacy and relationships that matter, nurturing those.

Lora is a coach that can span all these dimensions. She is passionate, well prepared, informed, so likeable but yet wonderfully challenging in the way she gets you to be present, in the moment, and to plan for what's next with reality, and stress test that.

Oh and I love her checkups, and accountability, like did you buy that Pontoon or why would you enter into any new dimension of your business and personal context without the energy and self care to keep your cup half full.

I have a life plan now because of Lora that is exciting, realistic and grounded in what will make me happy and fulfilled.

Lora is great, period.

Molly Jagroop

General Manager, Oakdale Golf and Country Club, Canada

Lora helped me and the Oakdale team refocus, recharge, and grow as a team.

We were given tools to manage personal and group wellness as well as be intentional and purposeful in our daily lives.

We discovered our team's strengths and weaknesses and the need to be tolerant, open, and honest was brought to the forefront.

The teams became more self-aware and the importance of goal setting and personal development was heightened.

I highly recommend coaching from Lora as she is a true industry professional and takes the time to understand the team and its challenges.

Thank you, Lora, I appreciate you.

Trish Osbourne

Entrepreneur and Facilitator, Canada

Taking Lora's Positive Psychology Group Coaching Program has changed my life.

Right from the get-go, you feel the
energy, commitment and dedication Lora has for YOU.

This course has allowed me to realize my values, strengths, characters about myself and to start to appreciate them
and focus on myself.

It has helped me implement change and development in not one but all
aspects of my life.

Lora guides you through this course with ease, understanding and most of all, patience.

She recognizes your potential and helps you see it. If anyone is looking to transform their career or life, look no further than this course.

I am grateful our paths crossed. My journey is much healthier for it.

I can’t recommend this course and Lora enough!

Bernhard Brouwer

Diplomatic Board Director - Consultant, Coach & Advisor, USA

Great coach to help with preparation for board roles. Lora will challenge you, dig deeper into what contribution you can give, what values you are looking for, what your personal branding is. All done in an ever so slightly pleasant Scottish accent, but she will ensure you conclude with a strong detail plan!

Angela Uttaro

Board Director, Adjunct Professor and President, USA

My time with Lora flew by - getting me to think critically about the next steps in my journey and how to focus and be successful. It was fun and serious all at once. 

I'm excited to enter this next chapter and feel more confident that I will be successful. Plus, I have lots of homework to get me to the place that I want to be.

John Reid

Board Member, Strategic Advisor and Entrepreneur, USA

 Working with Lora over the past few months has been beneficial in so many ways.

She has brought the perfect mix of constructive guidance, psychology, honesty and support to our relationship and she has been an absolute joy to work with as we discussed all aspects of my past and present to chart a plan for my future ambitions.

Lora has, without a doubt, contributed to how I approach the next phase in my career/life plan with purpose and positivity.

Teodoro Anderson Diaz

Vice President, Healthcare Management, USA

The experience that I recently had with Lora Caven as my executive board coach was positively impactful.

I was able to engage in some of the most meaningful conversation and exploration about self growth that I’ve had in the past decade. 

Lora is an excellent coach!

Natalie Colalillo

Founder and CEO- Happy Healthy Women, Canada

Lora spoke at a recent Happy Healthy Women summit and we were blown away by her ability to captivate the audience and share so authentically!

We laughed, cried and walked away with so much knowledge.

In addition to speaking at our events, Lora has been a leader in our organization for the past 2 years.

She is a trusted coach and mentor to many, and we are so grateful to have her as part of our collective!

Tammy Price

Professional Medical Intuitive and Mindfulness Coach, Canada

I have been fortunate to tap into Lora's infinite wisdom around her gift of high performance coaching.

Lora’s years of marketing and business operation know how coupled with the high performance make for the most dynamic business and life changing experience!

All of this coupled with her ability to hold space and her expansive heart makes working with Lora an absolute no brainer! Couldn’t recommend this amazing soul more!

Chloe Miller

Clinical Operations Lead, Pharmaceuticals, Canada 

Fantastic coach!

For anyone looking to make some positive changes in their life but aren’t sure where or how to start, send Lora a message.

She has helped me refocus my mindset and build lasting habits that help me grow into the best version of myself every day!

Walfry Pevida

Founder and Chief Engineer, Highway Design, USA 

As I entered my fifth year in business, I was searching for someone that I can look to for advice both on a professional and personal level.

From the day we met, Lora and I connected.

During the past 6 months, she has made a huge impact with my career by asking me well thought out questions that encourage me to find solutions to the challenges that come my way.

I highly recommend Lora to all my peers and friends. She has really helped me improve my skills while get more out of life!

Thank you, Lora! ----- Regards, Walfry 2.0!


Lisa Curtis

Director, UK

Recently I was privileged to hear Lora speak at a business convention. Lora engaged with every single person in that audience and held them for the entire 30 minutes.

She is intelligent, witty and inspirational and she had us enthralled, entertained and left us uplifted, determined and enriched.

I highly recommend Lora, who has the ability to connect with her audience and reach them individually, through her genuine nature, vast experience and a great stories to tell.

Laura Rigby

Coach, Speaker, Brand Ambassador, UK

Wow what a great speaker Lora is! I was lucky enough to be in the audience when Lora shared her story to our UK Leadership Team I was grateful to have been trained by Lora.

Your explanation of how and why you created an online business was incredibly helpful and inspiring. You have helped and will go onto help so many globally. I felt inspired and captivated by you and your energy. THANK YOU!

Paula Richards

Data Manager / Document Controller, UK

After listening to you speak a few weekends ago, I was completely blown away but the way you made me feel. It was compelling, authentic and totally inspiring!

I would highly recommend anyone listening to you and cannot wait to hear you again.

Bianca George

Head of Product Delivery, UK

I have had the pleasure of working alongside Lora for the past 3 years and cannot recommend her enough.

Lora has been a fantastic support to me as a business leader.

She has an engaging and creative approach, and our clients have been left nothing but happy with their coaching journey and outputs.

On a personal level, Lora has been a dream to work with and has been there as support during turbulent times and the smile in the background during the good times.

I would highly recommend her to anyone, who is looking to invest in themselves through coaching.

Jose Sorto

Military Veteran and Supply Chain Expert, USA

I am 26-year U.S. military officer veteran who is transitioning to the private sector.

My coach Lora helped me prepare for the Board Member positions.  

Lora is very equipped and real in helping clients reach their full potential.  

Her personality helped me to quickly connect and build trust that resulted in the best coaching experience.

She has the right insights and methods to raise self awareness and get you thinking of objective actions to take to position yourself for best results. 

Wendy Griffith

Social Media Specialist, UK

Lora is an inspiring and charismatic business woman whose story in business to date must be heard!

A gifted speaker, who captivates a room with her warmth, honesty and humour; I have been so privileged to listen to Lora speak and train.

I would highly recommend Lora, especially if you’re looking for someone to inspire, encourage and train your leadership teams.

Lora is a pure class act!

Diane Lauzon

Inspirational Writer and Author, Canada

Lora worked with me, teaching me how to BE in my business and not always DO. I finally figured out that I just get to be more of who I am, to truly make a difference in this line of work, and it has been transformational!

I recommend anyone who may feel like they know what they want, but may not have the tools in their toolbox to create habits, alignment, and confidence around their passion.

Lora is so amazing to be around. Her energy is authentic, she speaks from her Heart, and she also doesn't let you get away with making excuses as to why you are not where you are meant to be!

Thank you Lora!

Sherien Khella, CM, MBA

Executive Leader, Strategic Advisor & Board Member, Transportation, USA

As a beginner navigating the world of Board positions, Lora challenged me to think deeply about my value add and what truly sets me apart.

She also empowered me with practical tools to help me take steps to advance and achieve my goals.

Lora has an amazing personality and makes it pretty easy to genuinely connect with her both on a personal and professional level.

She is an excellent high performance coach!

Dr Kate Houghton Zatz

Acting University President, USA

I have the pleasure of working with Lora as I begin my quest on my next career move.

Lora’s capacity to focus in on critical issues and concerns that are impediments to moving forward are helpful.  

She is genuine and accessible in her approach to coaching.

David Cozzens

Transformation Change Leader, Agile Practitioner, Delivery Oriented Professional, and ILM7 Certified Executive Coach, USA

Lora’s coaching has guided me through a self-transformation journey.

When we started working together over a year ago, I was struggling to determine the next chapter of my career. Lora’s outstanding listening skills, tactful questions, psychometric analysis, and impeccable motivation guided me in determining my own course of action.

The end result? I am proud to say that I am now a certified Executive Coach myself and ready to embark on the next step of an amazing journey.

Lora’s coaching brought out the best in me and she will bring out the best in you too. To coin her phrase, “Don’t hold back!” When you connect with her you will be amazed and what you can do!

Wantanee Phuapradit

PhD, Scientific Advisor, USA

I really enjoyed Lora’s coaching tips bringing different perspectives and next levels that I am trying to achieve in my career goals. 

Thank you so much Lora for the coaching.

Lisa Sepe

Coach and CEO, USA

Lora is not only an incredible coach but an amazing person.

I feel honoured to be a witness to her ability to shift and create huge transformations of others during our sessions.

Whether we are coaching a huge team or small group she brings the joy while also eliciting great accountability that creates the changes that our clients desire.

Nick D’Ovidio

Director of Food and Beverage, Canada

Lora is a game changer. Easy to talk to and doesn't let you take the easy way out.

In the few months we've worked together I have noticed vast improvements in how I approach situations as well as how clear solutions to obstacles have become.

I can't recommend Lora enough.

Jennifer Young

Clubhouse Manager, Canada

I’m excited to recommend Lora Caven as your new High Performance Coach!!

My sessions with Lora have greatly improved my productivity, organizing my day to lower stress levels and increasing my energy to tackle the hardest of tasks.

Being organized has allowed me to have more time to enjoy being a Mom, life partner, a great manager and importantly myself!

Erin Williams

Entrepreneur, Branding & Website Creator, Canada

Because of a lack of structure, courage, and clarity, I failed to show-up fully in my life and stand in my power.

With Lora’s guidance and authentic honest coaching, all areas of my life, both personal and professional have turned around and I am now so much more grounded and better at living my best life day to day.

Dawn Calvinisti

Wellness and Life Purpose Coach, Guatemala 

When I first encountered Lora I was feeling very overwhelmed in my business and personal life.

I felt like I needed a coach but when I tried coaching in the past I always left feeling like I’d gone in a circle and was never sure of what I had achieved.

Lora quickly helped me clarify my goals and the steps needed to reach them.

She held me accountable and helped me to recognize what was most important to focus on moving forward.

This allowed me to get out of the endless wondering about what I should do next and what I had time for.

Because of Lora’s support and questions I have increased my productivity but feel less stress and more peace in my daily life and tasks.

I love that her coaching is not just about my work but about my personal life as well. I have improved relationships in every area, even with myself.

Now I recommend Lora to anyone that is considering a coach with complete confidence in what she can help them achieve.

I look forward to each of our sessions and the growth they provide in every area.

Simon Wordsworth

Owner of 59Club and Eminent Sports Group Ltd, UK

I am writing this a few days post our best educational conference yet, the feedback has been immense and Lora played a huge part in that. 

I was already aware of Lora’s skills related to high performance coaching and tasked her with sharing that to two differing skillset groups.

The first session was directed at 30 senior managers within a business looking at their own performance and how to step that up a level.

The second at a mixed management audience (trainee to senior) of a 100 delegates to introduce the concept of “coaching”, the “journey to high performance” and “what is common in high performing individuals”.

Lora presented with clarity and humility but above all was inspirational in delivering the message. 

I have no hesitation at all in recommending Lora to work with your business on either a group or individual basis.

Please feel free to contact me for any further feedback, my businesses will work with Lora again shortly. 

Frances Govey

Director Finance & Capacity, Pharmaceuticals, Canada

Lora is an amazing coach. She has been my coach in my Women in Leaders journey. 

Lora is patient, insightful and an extremely good coach. She has truly helped me focus. 

I highly recommend Lora.

Kart Vaith

Chief Strategy Officer, Ardurra, USA 

Lora supported the Ardurra Miami office in working with the leaders to define their leadership types and understand themselves so that they could work well and better with each other.

Overall the session was excellent and Lora's approach allowed attendees to open up about themselves and therefore, understand each other.

This in turn lead to a productive team building session!

I recommend Lora without reservation for any firm or team to improve performance and work better within the team.

Beth M

Associate Director, ESG, USA

If I had this program 8 years ago, I would have saved time and money on so many personal development online courses.

While in the midst of career stagnation, I joined a professional networking group, and I was matched with Lora for career coaching.

Brilliantly, Lora helped me see how to move forward, get unstuck, and find career joy. At the same time, her stress reduction techniques and relationship guidance were improving my personal life - amazing!

When Lora told me about the DISCOVERY program, I was an immediate yes because of the results of Lora's coaching in my life.

However, I thought that I might already know all of the concepts since I had taken countless online programs in personal development and read so many books. In my mind, DISCOVERY would be a nice refresher.

I was completely wrong. DISCOVERY is not like any program I have ever taken. It is a synthesis of Lora's approach to life, and each module is masterclass worthy of copious notes.

The exercises are easy to fit in during the week, and I find myself going back to them because the insights help me set the direction of my life.

My favorite part of DISCOVERY is the group calls. Lora's method within the small group setting amplifies the a-ha moments.

I am so glad that I said yes to DISCOVERY with Lora!

Dr Priscilla Gathoni

CEO, Author, Board Advisor, Executive Leadership Coach and Trainer, Expert Facilitator and Educator, Voice Artist, Global Health Strategist, Inspirational and Motivational Speaker, USA

I met Coach Lora through my company's Women as Leaders (WAL) training program. The program offered five executive coaching sessions as part of the training.

My first meeting with Coach Lora left me thinking deeply on the differences between coaching versus mentoring, the value of executive coaching, goal setting, challenging my thoughts and ways of working.

By the end of the last session, Coach Lora had brought out the BEST OF ME to BEING, whom I WANT TO BE, and moved away from "What do I want to do." Such growth in the mental realm and pursuing life's goals are not possible without the help of an experienced coach who can facilitate and coordinate your goal(s) for you to find yourself.

Thank you, Coach Lora.

Will Hewitt

Market leading Customer Service and Sales Analysis for the UK Golf, Leisure and Spa Industry, UK

Lora joined us for our Annual Awards of Excellence at The Belfry Hotel in March 2022 to deliver a keynote on High Performance. The event hosted over 100 Managers from a selection of European and UK Resorts and Private Golf Clubs with the feedback on Lora's session being outstanding.

This was little surprise given the work which Lora had undertaken to fully understand both 59club and those who would be in attendance in order to tailor her presentation to best reflect the audience.

"Inspirational" is the word which most have used in their feedback!!

Thank you so much Lora, we would love to work with you again in the future.

Laura Falby

Head of People & Culture, Brewing, Canada  

Lora has a wonderful ability to move people through a process that is both insightful and highly thought provoking.

Through her assessment tools, inspirational videos and group discussions I am learning so much about myself and am challenging my own patterns - and my confidence and positivity is improving thanks to Lora!!

Debbie P

Social Advocate, Canada 

 Finding a coach was not a service that I was looking for so I literally feel that working with Lora as my coach, found me.

When I met Lora, I knew I wanted something more and I needed support with finding a direction. The part that I did not expect was how quickly the work would start and how quickly I was faced with…….myself. Nevertheless, Lora supported me through the messy and all my successes, literally from day one.

Although we developed end goals, the journey is what I needed. The journey allowed me to learn specifically what I needed for change.

One of the biggest lessons I learned in my work with Lora is not keeping my gifts to myself. I had been able to step out of my comfort zone and do things that I never thought I would do and among several examples, I will share one with you here. As we all know, people would rather die than do presentations. Well, let’s just say that I lived! I lived through several presentations in fact and this was an unintended result from working with Lora as doing presentations was not one of my goals. It also felt great to achieve my intended goals.

Through my journey, Lora also checked in and held me accountable to my progress. I was never alone in the work and for this, I especially appreciate Lora for.

Whether you are thinking about having a coach or not, at minimum, have a call with Lora. The best investment is in yourself, so that you could enjoy a better life both for yourself and for all the people around you. Lora is a coach who will be invested in your progress.

Thank you again and again Lora for all your support in my journey. It is being paid forward.

Roan Vollmer

Director of Golf, Canada 

Before Lora and I began working together, I faced many challenges with managing anxiety driven by expectations put upon myself, volumes of work, and balancing life. I felt I was simply managing moment to moment. Her impact on my life has been a blessing and I now have the ability to focus forward with purpose and have developed a positive habit of consistently planning both in the present and for the future for all aspects of my life.

Lora has guided and assisted me in identifying tools to find success in managing moments of challenge and the people I connect with.

I now have the ability to plan far better and execute that plan. Incredibly, I find myself coaching my teams and establishing the same traits in their personal and professional growth.

Working with Lora has been, and this is an understatement, life changing.

Her ability to create a clear picture of the options in front of me and educate on the tools necessary to achieve goals is best in class.

She is inspiring and empowering, and I have been gifted with a world class coach, motivational mentor, and a true friend.

Wendy Inglis

Artist, Canada 

 Lora’s DISCOVERY program is quite honestly life changing.

Discovering my strengths and values has changed how I work and approach each day. Together with the tools and techniques Lora teaches, it is making me more appreciative of my life and the amazing journey I am on.

I have also met a group of amazing woman through the program; it has been so valuable to learn and grow together.

Thank you Lora for creating this incredible program!


Yvonne Rees

Accredited Executive Coach & Psychotherapist, Consultant and Facilitator

I have been working with Lora for nearly a year and would highly recommend her coaching approach and programmes.

For me she has provided the perfect blend of support, encouragement and challenge that are needed in coaching.

Her pearls of wisdom have sparked inspiration that have enabled me to enrich my personal and professional journey, particularly my self belief.

If you want someone to be your cheerleader but also to hold your feet to the fire when needed then I would recommend Lora.

Teresa Blakney

Director of Marketing, Canada

Highly recommend Lora if you are looking for a coach.

Lora helps me discover, embrace, and strengthen what makes me 'ME'.

What I love is that her coaching focuses on both professional and personal goals, striking a balance between both worlds.

Working with Lora has been an amazing experience in unleashing my potential.

I couldn't ask for a better coach!


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