Are you ready to take bold and inspired action toward the life you’ve always dreamed of living?  

The journey to discovering your true self is the most significant undertaking of your life. Establishing a foundation of clarity and self-worth gives you the springboard to confidently pursue your dreams.

I’m Ready to Discover My Best Self!


You are everything to so many people, all while navigating the unpredictable waters of perimenopause or menopause. Whether that is being a Badass Mum, Business Owner, C-Suite Exec, or Devoted Wife, it’s about time to ask yourself, “who am I outside of those roles?”, “what do I really want out of life?”, and “who am I at my core?”. 

These roles might be a huge part of who you are and how you view yourself, but they are not ALL OF YOU. You have so much more inside…

You are a multifaceted, multidimensional woman who deserves to be fully in love with your life. I understand how daunting it can feel to try and figure out where to even begin when it comes to living full out as your most authentic and expressed self, but that is where I come in.

DISCOVERY is my flagship programme that was created from my experience of working with women who feel stuck in their current situation in life and know deep inside that they are meant for more. 

DISCOVERY was created for women who are leading lives trying to make everybody else happy and ensuring their needs are met while shoving their desires and goals further and further down because they have forgotten how to give life to their own inner fire. For women who have forgotten who they truly are at their core due to always giving. Women who have forgotten what they are capable of, particularly during the transformative phase of perimenopause and menopause.


Does this sound like you?

This 9-module signature course is the perfect jumping-off point for any woman who is longing to discover what makes them tick, lights them up, and sets their soul on fire!


If you are ready to SAY YES to your dreams and feel empowered to take aligned action towards your future, this is the place to start. 


Working on your journey of self DISCOVERY in a group setting is an invaluable gift and having a community of motivated and like-minded women to uplift and cheer you on towards your dreams is an immensely powerful tool.



Who Am I?

I’m Lora Caven, an award-winning entrepreneur, who flourished in the world of international business. personal and professional growth and development have been my greatest passion over the last 25 years I have coached, supported, and inspired thousands of women like you to live their most expansive, fulfilling, and purpose-driven lives. 

My heart’s mission is to help every woman who knows that they were meant for more, to tap into their natural gifts and thrive. 

It’s a woman’s prerogative to change the direction of their life, take control of their dreams, and positively impact the world with their unique gifts. 

Doing the work to DISCOVER your desires utilizing the science of positive psychology is what lights me up inside and I have created this program to help you fall back in love with your life, every single day. 

You are worthy of magic, success, and the most profound happiness you didn’t even realize was possible for yourself. The real question is, are you ready to bet on yourself?



My DISCOVERY model is a holistic approach designed to help you take inventory of every aspect of your life, including understanding how hormones and menopause affect you physically and emotionally. We'll re-evaluate the way you're showing up for yourself every day, considering the impacts of menopause on your well-being, and lay the groundwork to explore your wildest desires and create tangible change. This comprehensive method ensures that you're fully supported as you navigate the changes menopause brings, empowering you to thrive during this significant life transition.


Discovering yourself, your passions, dreams and aspirations is your pathway to building a life you love.


This program will help you:

  • Discover the power you harness inside of you and help you achieve more by utilizing your innate strengths. 
  • Give you the ability to build exceptional relationships not only with yourself but with everyone around you.  
  • Manage your energy so you can feel good MORE of the time.
  • Understand how menopause impacts your body and mind to harness this power for personal growth and success.
  • Stand in your own power and learn how to own your voice to be able to follow your calling with ease.



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Throughout the 9-module coaching program, you will DISCOVER how to live a more fulfilling, soul-nourishing, successful and aligned life because you DESERVE IT.  

In each module, we will dig deeper into the DISCOVERY model, we will explore the science behind positive psychology and all of the tools I utilize every day with my 1 on 1 client to help you learn how to integrate positive shifts into your life to boost your wellbeing, success and happiness. 


Taking Lora’s DISCOVERY Positive Psychology Group Coaching Program has changed my life. Right from the get-go, you feel the energy, commitment and dedication Lora has for YOU. 

This course has allowed me to realize my values, strengths, characters about myself and to start to appreciate them and focus on myself.  It has implemented change and development in not one but all aspects of my life.  Lora guides you through this course with ease and understanding and most of all - patience.  She recognizes your potential and helps you see it.

If anyone is looking to transform their career or life, look no further than this course. I am grateful
our paths crossed. My journey is much healthier. I can’t recommend this course and Lora enough! 

Trish Osbourne, DISCOVERY Group Coaching Member


If I had this program 8 years ago, I would have saved time and money on so many personal development online courses. While in the midst of career stagnation, I joined a professional networking group, and I was matched with Lora for career coaching.

Brilliantly, Lora helped me see how to move forward, get unstuck, and find career joy. At the same time, her stress reduction techniques and relationship guidance were improving my personal life - amazing!

When Lora told me about the DISCOVERY program, I was an immediate yes because of the results of Lora's coaching in my life. However, I thought that I might already know all of the concepts since I had taken countless online programs in personal development and read so many books. In my mind, DISCOVERY would be a nice refresher. I was completely wrong.

DISCOVERY is not like any program I have ever taken. It is a synthesis of Lora's approach to life, and each module is masterclass worthy of copious notes. The exercises are easy to fit in during the week, and I find myself going back to them because the insights help me set the direction of my life. My favorite part of DISCOVERY is the group calls. Lora's method within the small group setting amplifies the a-ha moments. I am so glad that I said yes to DISCOVERY with Lora!

Beth. Discovery Group Coaching Member


  • Break through all of the obstacles that are holding you back from living intentionally?
  • Get clear on your heart’s deepest desires and take aligned action to make your dreams come true? 
  • Harness the power of positive psychology to create unshakeable confidence and self-love?
  • Bust through overwhelm to create a sustainable plan of action in order to live your best life?

  • Find balance and strategies to manage menopause alongside achieving your personal and professional goals?

If the answer is a full body YES, then you need this course!



WHAT will I learn in this course?

Each week we will dive into each of the core

DISCOVERY modules.


Module One

Deepen Your Awareness - In this session, we'll focus on measuring your wellbeing as a baseline to reflect back on as we progress through your self-discovery journey. We'll also explore how our hormones significantly influence our physical, emotional, and mental states, especially during perimenopause and menopause.

Module Two

Additionally, we'll cover strategies for navigating your menopause journey with grace, utilizing intentional living principles to manage the unique challenges and transitions that menopause brings.

Module three

Strength for Success - Do you know what your strengths are? In this session, we'll uncover the strengths that will help you achieve more in all you do by bringing your values and strengths together for maximum impact.

Module four

Confidence Key - Confidence is key! In this session, we'll explore topics that will help you master your mindset and increase your confidence by digging into topics such as courage and resilience.

module five

Overcome Overwhelm and Obstacles - Discover how to overcome overwhelm and the different obstacles you face in your daily life by implementing strategies for staying agile and planning for success. 

module six

Map Out Your Vision - It's time to get crystal clear on your vision, learn how to set meaningful goals for success and visualize your future best self. We'll also explore the evolving concept of self-image through perimenopause and menopause to understand how changes during these phases can influence the way we see ourselves.

module seven

Master Your Emotions - Our emotions shape so much of how we live our lives. In this session, we'll deep dive into strategies that will help you reframe negative judgements, understand your feelings more deeply and practice more self compassion.

module eight

Improve Your Relationships How are the relationships in your life? Are you ready to take them to the next level of love, support, respect, honesty and connection?

module nine

Yes to You! - It’s time, it’s time to say YES to YOU! 

YES to your HEALTH, YES, to your HAPPINESS, YES to your DISCOVERY, YES to YOU!

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The Power of Discovery

This entire 5 month long program is a steal at $997 USD. It includes 9 bi-weekly coaching calls, self-study pre-work for each module, practical assessments and coursework to help integrate all that you’ve learned. This is the early bird price that you can only lock in now! 

  • Nine (9) Bi-Weekly Coaching Calls
  • Self-study pre-work for each module
  • Practical assessments
  • Coursework to help integrate all that you’ve learned
  • A private group to get my support when needed
  • Connection with others going through the programme too
Early Bird Pay In Full - $997 USD
Early Bird 3 Month Payment Plan - 3 x $347 USD

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