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"I have had the pleasure of working with Lora for the past few months. Apart from her professionalism, she has a special way of connecting with her clients on a deeper level than most. Being vulnerable with her comes naturally which helps to accelerate the healing process and keep me positive and motivated to continue improving myself and my life.

Unlike some coaches who use a cookie cutter approach with their clients, Lora takes the time to understand who she is dealing with and creates a very personal program that is flexible yet allows for accountability.

I find her compassionate, energetic and very resourceful. Working with Lora has been the best decision I made in a long time.

I feel transformed, grounded and have more clarity about how I want my life to move forward and how I show up in the world.

Thank you Lora."

Maria Pritzos
Business Consultant and Entrepreneur

Lora, you have done so much for me in the first half of this programme, I am really excited to see what comes next. I feel stronger, more focussed, more organised, yet also kinder and more aware of other people’s feelings.

This programme has helped me at a time when I was really ready to address my mind, body and soul and to be more successful, happy and content in all areas of my life. Thank you so so much – I feel completely empowered and in control in a way I never have before.

Personal Coaching Client
United Kingdom


Lora, you have been an amazing support for me… opening my eyes to new opportunities, changing the way I see my business and myself, and instilling new productive habits into my daily business method of operation! 

Thank you!

Personal Coaching Client

Lora quite simply what makes Lora different to most other people is her ability to ignite enthusiasm among everyone that she has contact with.Whether it be a caddie or CEO of a major international company, Lora remains true to herself and is always the same energetic, humerous, sincere and dependable person.

The one word that has no place in Lora’s vocabulary is complacency. She is a tireless worker and relishes a challenge. She rises to the occasion without exception and has an uncanny ability to see the bigger picture. Her intellect combined with empathy, courage and a smile always enables her to take that calculated leap into the unknown.
Lora has been an absolute superstar in all the business dealings I have had with her, and I consider it a privilege to have worked with her and learnt from her as often as I have.

Paul Bruce-Brand
General Manager at Ellerman House: Relais & Chateaux
South Africa

After listening to you speak a few weekends ago, I was completely blown away by the way you made me feel. It was compelling, authentic and totally inspiring! I would highly recommend anyone listening to you and cannot wait to hear you again. Thank you so much Lora for making my first Area Training at AAC, one which was so memorable.

Paula Richards
United Kingdom

Recently I was privileged to hear Lora speak at a business convention. Lora engaged with every single person in that audience and held them for the entire 30 minutes. She is intelligent, witty and inspirational and she had us enthralled, entertained and left us uplifted, determined and enriched. As a public speaker I highly recommend Lora, who has the ability to connect with her audience and reach them individually, through her genuine nature, vast experience and a great stories to tell.

Lisa Curtis
Director, Pure Momentum Ltd
United Kingdom

Lora is an inspiring and charismatic business woman whose story in business to date must be heard! A gifted speaker, who captivates a room with her warmth, honesty and humour; I have been so privileged to listen to Lora speak and train. Lora is an incredible mentor and a hugely respected leader in Arbonne – she has built a phenomenal business in one of the fastest growing industries in the world just now. I would highly recommend Lora, especially if you’re looking for someone to inspire, encourage and train your leadership teams. Lora is a pure class act!

Wendy Griffith
United Kingdom

Wow what a great speaker Lora is!
I was lucky enough to be in the audience when Lora shared her story to our UK Leadership Team I was grateful to have been trained by Lora. Your explanation of how and why you created an online business was incredibly helpful and inspiring. You have helped and will go onto help so many globally. I felt inspired and captivated by you and your energy. THANK YOU!

Laura Rigby
Business Development Leader & Inspirational Trainer/ Mindset Coach
– Marathon Runner
United Kingdom

On 22 September 2014, Lora Cavan very kindly agreed to assist Police Scotland in the creation of a bespoke Women’s Development Event, “Onwards and Upwards” which was intended to inspire female officers to achieve their full potential not only within their chosen profession but in their personal lives too.

This event was also intended as the ‘gateway’ to the Women’s Development Programmes “Springboard” and “Springforward” and included inputs from inspirational and successful women talking about their own personal experience.  The event allowed participants to work through important issues in their lives and encouraged them to take control and take action to make the changes they wanted to make to be who they wanted to be.  They learned how to take stock of their strengths and achievement and build upon them, identify weaknesses and turn them into strengths and to develop the self-confidence to make things happen.

When Lora was initially contacted to assist with this event she did not hesitate for a second on hearing its purpose to offer any assistance she could give.  She readily met with myself and a colleague and we explained our vision for the day.  Lora very quickly tuned into what we needed and thereafter developed an input to ‘tell her story’.

On the day of the event, Lora immediately engaged with the audience and spoke with great passion and enthusiasm for what women could achieve when they set their minds to it.  She provided examples of facing adversity and finding solutions.  She spoke about having courage and confidence to work through difficult times and to always work towards that vision to succeed.

She provided a truly inspiring insight into her life and gave those present ‘food for thought’ encouraging them to re-evaluate and achieve those things they have put to one side for now!

Here are a few comments for participants on the day:

“I thought Lora was very good.  She came across very well and spoke from the heart.  I think I was inspired and made me change me outlook in a positive way.  Lora was very confident about her goals and set out to do what she wanted to achieve”.

“I found Lora’s input supportive and inspiring.  She was interesting and held the floor as the audience was keen to know “what happened next”, so to speak, in her story.  Her enthusiasm and commitment to expressing her belief of always aspiring to look for something better was set at the perfect pitch for those present.  She showed the audience that you can succeed even in the face of adversity, if you are dedicated enough”.

“Lora came across as a quick thinker, a highly motivated individual who was very determined to succeed and was overall a very positive person.  She used positive affirmations during her talk which highlighted to me her positivity and self-belief which is the main theme I found thought provoking”.

I would not hesitate to invite Lora back to a similar event in the future.

Gail McClymont/Yvonne Scott
Argyll and West Dunbartonshire Division
Police Scotland
United Kingdom


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